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We know that those who know how to read read in any way. We even publish upside down.


Inspirando relatos, de Esteve Adam

Canciones de la Luna, de Pepa Torres


Boca Abajo Ediciones responds to our concern for literature and a taste for scientific dissemination.

This is a small author’s publishing company that also publishes short novels by various authors. I am Eva Lucía Bayarri and I write stories of scientific dissemination. My plan was to give a space to scientific popularization among children, which it did not have and deserved, but with a tool like an editorial in hand, I have been finding jewels that also deserved that space.

I work every day so that the poetry of Pepa Torres, the art of understanding childhood of Juvitina Galán, the tenderness and knowing how to tell stories of Raúl Borrás San León, the sensitive and truthful narrative of Alfredo Cot González and the critical vision of Adriana Chávez García-Rendón reach you.

Thank you for making my work a pleasure.

Susi, l’atrevida i els pantalons

Juvitina Galán has entrusted us with her second illustrated album and we are proud to present you with Susi, l’ atrevida, i els pantalons, a true story about the first woman to wear pants in the maritime towns after the Valencia flood in 1957.

Juvitina writes and illustrates this story of courage and humanity about her beloved Susi and invites us to dare to change the things we can improve.


Yuru y Ara - Boca Abajo Ediciones

Ninguno lleva zapatos

“Ninguno lleva zapatos” is a collection of twenty-one poems about animals that we all know and that we can rediscover through the eyes of Pepa Torres.

Pepa writes rigorous poetry in quality and full of joy. We cannot imagine better ingredients for children.

Eva Lucía Bayarri once again illustrates Pepa Torres with alcohol markers on plastic in this book about animals in which NONE WEARS SHOES.

Yuru y Ara - Boca Abajo Ediciones

Peinar el viento now on sale!

Get the latest work of Alfredo Cot González.

You can also purchase this book at your bookstore in Spain. Get it in yours.


Diez Hormigas, bajo la Luna - BocaAbajo Ediciones

Diez hormigas bajo la Luna. Poemas para las cuatro estaciones. De Pepa Torres.

De árboles, poemas por las ramas - BocaAbajo Ediciones

De árboles. Poemas por las ramas. De Pepa Torres.

MatERial. A story about self-healing concrete.

This is the last story by Eva Lucía Bayarri and Juvitina Galán.

The COST Action SARCOS (CA 15202) entrusted us with the task of a story to explain their project to the children. We have created Mat, E and Rial to explain what concrete is, what it is like to be self-healing and why mutual help always benefits everyone.

Front Material - BaEdiciones
Back Material - BaEdiciones
Once vidas - Boca Abajo Ediciones

Once Vidas. Now on sale!

Get the last work of Adriana Chávez García-Rendón


Visit the page of the novel and discover interviews, videos … and much more.

Free download now available at WFMD

The story of Yuru and Ara, BocaAbajoEdiciones and the WorldFishMigrationDay2020

by Eva Lucía Bayarri and Juvitina Galán

Yuru and Ara is my little contribution to the main purpose of World Fish Migration Day 2020 The day I found Pao Fernández Garrido, a fishway and dam removal engineer working for World Fish Migration Foundation (WFMF), I knew this project was important. She coordinates World Fish Migration Day (WFMD), and she developed Dam Removal Europe (DRE) along with Herman Wanningen (founder of WFMF). She was the main responsible (at the beginning) for all the river barrier inventories collection for the project: Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers (AMBER). She is passionate about her work. That kind of passion is so contagious.

Canciones de la Luna

La carcoma Manola

Yuru y Ara