Tales of Science

Tales of Science is our chance to tell curious things. It is yours to discover those things.

How was Tales of Science born?

Tales of Science was born with a proposal from some research centers that relied on us to communicate their project. We translate scientific publications into the language of stories to make them accessible to the humblest of leisure. In addition, on our YouTube channelyou can find the Songs of the Stories.

I am Eva Lucía Bayarri. I studied philosophy, music, singing, and Corporate Communication. have been reading scientific publications of many kinds for years. All this madness, that my mother called dispersion, allows me today to write stories about science, compose original songs for those stories, and sing them.

Bienvenido a mi locura

Our tales

How and where do eels reproduce? ¿Una angula es una anguila? ¿Están las anguilas en peligro de extinción? Why are river dams being demolished in Europe? ¿Qué es la conectividad fluvial? ¿Existe el hormigón que se autorepara?

Coquela en el ARCA del Mar

Eva Lucía Bayarri and Juvitina Galán

We have a new story for our Science Tales collection.

Learn how to save a turtle or its eggs if you find them in the sea or on a beach thanks to the friendship between a green turtle and ten Valencian loggerhead turtles.

Ann Guillidae. Story of a European eel

Eva Lucía Bayarri

This is the story of the journey of a European eel from the Atlantic where it was born to the Valencia lagoon. There he meets a samaruc and they become friends.

Meet Sam and Ann in this tale of the eel migration.



MatERial. A story about self-healing concrete.

Eva Lucía Bayarri and Juvitina Galán

The COST Action SARCOS (CA 15202) entrusted us with the task of a story to explain their project to the children.

We have created Mat, E and Rial to explain what concrete is, what it is like to be self-healing and why mutual help always benefits everyone.


Yuru and Ara. Una historia en el río Mamoré

Eva Lucía Bayarri and Juvitina Galán

The messages from the river are not reaching the dorado fish of the mouth of the Amazon. Yuru and Ara are two Bolivian macaws who live in the Mamore River, and they are going to help Brachy and Iara fulfill their vital mission.

A story of the river that will teach you the mysteries we are all learning now about connectivity and the importance of free-flowing rivers.

Life depends on things that are not obvious to the naked eye. Learn about the life cycle of dorados and the wonderful secret of the river.

Free download in 10 languages!

Our ilustrators

We are lucky to have artists that bring our tales to life.


Juvitina Galán

Woman, graphic artist and Child Teacher in a cooperative school for more than twenty years; therefore she has restless hands. She is currently a Pedagogical Advisor to the Ninos Children’s Schools and a member of the ARTEENRED collective of plastic artists. She has been part of the Moviment de Renovació Pedagògica -Comarques centrals- and has won the First Prize for Materials Didàctics of the Conselleria d’Educació de València.

Find out more about her and her work on her blog: www.juvigalan.blogspot.com

The Tales of Science are made for you

We are at your disposal to create stories. If you need to communicate your project, contact us.

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